Debian Lenny Bruce

We all know that the upcoming Debian testing branch will be codenamed “Lenny”, don’t you? And we all know that Lenny is just another Toy Story‘s character, and that this depends on the fact that Bruce Perens, former DPL, once worked at Pixar.

Doesn’t this remind you of Lenny Bruce?

What about him? Oh, it was so bad…. He also wanted to have free speech… and he really talked too much!

So good freedom, Debian!

P.S. Am I using too many Wikipedia references? 😉

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Technorati stuff

Now this blog has a Technorati Profile. This post only says that. Continue reading

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LicRe – Linux .config Repository

I'm submitting a request for my first Alioth project.

"LicRe is a project intended to provide Debian GNU/Linux users with custom configuration files and tools for compiling kernels from different releases for many laptop and desktop models."

I had this insane idea several months ago, and now there's some Italian Debian user who may contribute to the project. 

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Computing & Heating (1?)

What do we achieve by computing more and more? Warming, of course.

So why should we use heaters instead of computers? The latter are not less efficient in producing heat!

Why couldn't we replace our heaters with LANs of heating computers? This wouldn't cost so much! We might use both new or old hardware depending on our needs and resources (the most important thing is the overall produced heat!). Maybe we may get some extra incomes, or indeed contribute to good works…

Do you think I should make some study about this, including side effects of this sort of seasonal computing?

Studying climate effects on throughput of e.g. distributed computing projects might also be interesting!

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Oh, finally!

Well, I think I've managed to create a decent blog on a good platform. Now I should only put in some decent content. Good night! Continue reading

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